Numbers and Counting Cards

Print and create your own Numbers and Counting Cards to reinforce your child’s understanding of numbers and their corresponding quantities. This activity is a derivative of the traditional Montessori Material, the Numbers and Counters.

Home Lesson One: Younger Children 

  1. Print, laminate, and cut-out the supplied printable
  2. Place the individual dots in a bowl or container, create a number card pile, and a counter card pile
  3. Invite your child to work with you “I have a new activity to show you”
  4. Take the first five counter cards (1-5) and lay them out in order from left to right
  5. Lay out the individual number cards from 1-5 below the counter cards
  6. Point to the first individual number card and say “This says one” and place it on top of the first counter card
  7. Take a dot from the container and say “one” as you place it on the dot on the counter card
  8. Repeat the above for the second card counting each dot
  9. Invite your child to continue with the activity 
  10. Once the numbers and counters have all been laid out review by counting and pointing to each card as you go
  11. Have your child pack away at the end of the activity

Home Lesson Two: For Older Children 

  1. Take the number card pile and ask your child to read the numbers out aloud
  2. Lay the cards out on the table and ask your child to take the 1 card and place it on the top left of the table
  3. Ask your child to place the cards in numerical order leaving a little space between the cards
  4. Point to the 1 card and ask “how many counters will we put under the this card?”
  5. Take out a red dot (counter) and place it under the card
  6. Repeat this for the second card and place the counters below copying the pattern on the counter card (side by side)
  7. Repeat for the third card 
  8. Invite your child to continue with the activity
  9. Once the numbers and counters have all been laid out review by counting
  10. To extend on this activity you can give your child the counter cards to use as a control to check their work
  11. A further extension is to simply use the number cards with a dish of 55 objects that can be used for counters i.e. rocks or buttons
  12. Have your child pack away at the end of the activity

Downloadable Printables

Supplied Printables

  1. Counter Cards
  2. Number and Individual Counter Cards


Download printable

Curriculum Area


Age Group

3 – 6 years


  • To reinforce the knowledge that each number is made up of separate quantities
  • To further understanding of number sequencing
  • Identifying and quantifying numerals with their corresponding quantities
  • To present the pattern for odds and evens
  • Develop an understanding of one-to-one correspondence 

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